Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Simply Music, Guest Speaker – Barcelona OETI World Forum

Paul Maher, Simply Music (Highly Commended European MEDEA Award winner) represented the MEDEA Awards at OETI’s (Obsevatori europeu de la TV Infantil) 16th World Forum, which took place in Barcelona On November 15th 2012.

Paul presented on behalf of the MEDEA Awards, delivering its message of recognition and rewarding different aspects of the field of media in education. Video highlights of all 4 winners from 2011 as well as Simply Music’s “Highly Commended” contribution and MEDEA2020 involvement were very highly received.

It was felt that “Pedagogy” linked all the speakers at this session and that children are “great creators with technology”.

Simply Music/MEDEA - OETI Barcelona Video Presentation

(Left to Right) Cristina Tresserres Macaya (Director – OETI), Carme Verdaguer (Crocodox - educational TV documentaries), Eva Pujadas, (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Paul Maher (Director, Simply Music – representing MEDEA Awards)